We have teamed up with Accounting Office, a fully integrated business management and accounting software system. This gives you a professional, low cost entry to selling on the internet, linking your online shop with your administration, order processing and accounting operations.

As a single, integrated operation, it gives you one point from which to manage all aspects of your business, meaning less work for you and your staff, and bigger profits from your business.

The whole process of taking and shipping online orders is streamlined. Orders placed online drop directly into the accounting system and are immediately available for processing. Once an order has been shipped, the system manages all of the accounts processes completing the whole sales cycle.

All processes are carried out in real-time meaning that your customers know immediately if an item is in stock, thus enabling you to meet their delivery expectations.

Automatic Stock Updates
Any time you add or update a stock record, the changes are automatically displayed within the online shop. This includes prices, images and specifications. Orders and payments are automatically brought into the system and processed saving time re-keying orders, payments and correcting the inevitable mistakes which will occur.

Online Payments
Payments can be made using ProTx integrated payment systems or Paypal. Any payments made on the website are automatically passed into the accounts system leaving you to concentrate on shipping your customers’ orders.

Value Added Selling
Value added selling becomes a feature for gaining more business as recommendations for additional products are supplied for
each item viewable on the website.

Below is a sample process based on one of our online wine clients.

Discover website via social networking

Browse online

Select product and buy online

Customer added in accounting system automatically

Invoice raised to customer and payment allocated automatically

Item shipped

Stock levels adjusted automatically